Nishnaabe has provided support to many tribes and businesses throughout the United States. Our goal is to do a better job at a fair price to support the development of tribal business and operational processes for tribes interested in furthering their economic development. The following is a short list of projects completed or currently underway. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Fort Peck Airport Development

Nishnaabe developed both Programmatic and Project Environmental Assessment for the Fort Peck Tribe and development of a retired airport within the community of Poplar. This project supports the development of the MIR and other potential economic improvements on the

Fort Peck Strategic Plan

Our company helped to analyze information collected through multiple documents created over the past 5 years and placed them into one strategic document.

Plain Green Energy Plan

Nishnaabe developed a business plan for an enterprise of the Rocky Boy Reservation in Montana. This plan was developed analyze the Natural Gas production company started by the tribe early in 2014. This development helped Plain Green to analyze

Fort Peck – Make It Right Development

Fort Peck Make It Right (MIR) Development: Nishnaabe helped to coordinate public and tribal meetings on the Fort Peck Reservation for the development of 20 LEED Platinum homes on the Fort Peck Reservation. The development was developed using low